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By Courtney Daly-Pavone July 11, 2023

I've always been a clothes horse. I grew up the youngest of four kids, and I was always donned in hand me downs. I started working asap and fashion was my GPS. Even sick with tonsillitis at age sixteen, I walked ten miles to Bloomingdale's to buy a pair of Ray Ban Wayfarers. My favorite part of 80's teen flicks is the infamous make-over scene where the nerdy girl transforms into a butterfly. I could go on, but without further ado here are my 6 hacks!


Hack #1 Online Clearance Search

Pick a designer for example Ralph Lauren, and go to a major retailer like Macy's. Search Ralph Lauren women's dresses clearance, or Ralph Lauren men's shirts clearance, Ralph Lauren children's clothes clearance, and automatically you will find thousands of clothes to choose from at 75% off. I routinely use this hack with several well known designers. I recently bought designer swimwear for 75% in the summer! The best part is that it's easier than digging through racks of clothes in the store. You get to see what it looks like on a model, and if you're not satisfied with your purchase you have to option of returning it in store, or ship it. Remember to maxmize this hack you should look up designer labels in clearance.

Hack #2 Online Outlets

I'm a purseaholic. This could get pricey unless you know about Coach Outlet Online, and Kate Spade Surprise Online. Yes, it's you guessed it 75% everyday, and it's authentic merchandise. There is one caveat with Kate Spade Surprise, you cannot return items purchased from their online outlet, but you can go to their brick and mortar outlet store, and they will match the online price if it's cheaper.

#3 Shop Off Season Save Big

December 26th after Christmas sales is for amateurs, instead shop for Christmas online in February and March. Using the same online tool that you use for clothing, type Christmas decorations clearance into your search and get 75% on average. The big advantage here is that you're getting a higher quality product for less than what you would spend at Target or Walmart. You can also buy winter clothes in the Spring. Designer leather boots can be reduced from $400 to $65 bucks!

#4 Go On A Fact Finding Mission at Bloomingdale's

Looking for a new look, and some inspiration? Go big and window shop at a premium store like Bloomingdale's. You'll find the latest styles and brands, and then search those same items online at Nordstrom Rack. Again 75% off on some of them same items! You'll also train your eye to recognize high quality and brand names. You can also check out the Bloomingdale's Outlet in Mission Valley for some good deals.

#5 Get Cash Back When You Shop

Last Christmas Macy's offered $10 for every $100 purchase, with no limits. Take advantage of cash earned for shopping at major retailers. This can quickly add up.

#6 Hit The Outlets First

My Favorite Outlet is Las  Americas Outlet. It is San Diego's largest outlet. It's like it's own nation with 560,000 square feet of designer stores. Right now Back to School sales are advertising up to 80% off! 

FYI-Not All Brick and Mortar Outlets Are Created Equal

So you may have experienced this, you walk into a designer outlet and you're thoroughly disappointed. They either have nothing to offer, or their prices aren't a true bargain. You have to be savvy and check prices online while in the store. If it's not a deal "Keep Calm and Carry On!" You're not obliged to buy anything, and my mantra is love it or leave it. Get to know your colors, what looks best on your shape, and never pay full price again!

San Diego Outlets

Carlsbad Premium Outlets

5620 Paseo Del Norte, Carlsbad, CA 92008

Las Americas Premium Outlets

4211 Camino De La Plaza, San Diego, CA 92173

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