12 Valentine's Day Ideas! Psst 8 Are Free or Under $10!

Save Or Splurge February 14th

By Courtney Daly-Pavone February 10, 2023

Splurge-Sweets for Your Sweetie February 14th!

Whether you're shopping for your significant other, your kid, or the whole family, nothing is more appreciated than cookies from the Cravory.


We fell head over heels in love with their Cookie & Coffee Mix which includes  Birthday Cake, Chocolate Chip, Cookie Monster, Lemon Bar, Salted Caramel Cream, Red Velvet Cookies, and Cafe Moto ground coffee.

Save the flowers and the chocolates, "Me Want Cookies!" The best part about Cravory Cookies are their gourmet flavors. There's genius behind every bite. Grab February flavors like February Mix and Cupid's Mix

Splurge- Parents Date Night @ JRDN Restaurant!

There's nothing more romantic than a date night at JRDN in Pacific Beach. Located in Tower 23, JRDN serves up food that satisfies the palette and the soul. Imagine a candle light dinner facing the Pacific Ocean. JRDN is offering a special Be Mine Valentine’s Day Dinner. Lovers will LOVE JRDN’s decadent three-course Be Mine Valentine’s Day menu by Chef Stephen Gage with with optional wine pairing. The menu is perfectly suited for two will be available February 14 from 5pm-9pm. $70 per person. Reservation are required and can be book here. Here’s a sampling of the menu: 

  • First Course: Aphrodisiac Roll, Duck spring rolls or Muhamara 
  • Second Course: Lobster Noodles, New York Strip, Portabella Mushroom 
  • Third Course: Dessert: Grape panna cotta

Free-Don't Forget Your Kids on Valentines Day! Give Them A Sentimental Gift

A gift from the heart could be passing down a family heirloom. This doesn't have to be something of monetary value. I treasure my Grandmother's old cameo broach and earrings my mom passed down to me. It could be your favorite book, or a knick knack.

Cheap-Bake Some Treats for Your Valentine! 

Try making some homemade treats like some rich chocolate brownies and put it in a red tin from the Dollar Store. 

Cheap-Take A Picture It Lasts Longer!

Take one of the one million photos of your loved one that's on your phone print it and frame it. You can find reasonably priced frames all over town in stores like TJ Max, craft stores like Hobby Lobby, or even cheaper at Dollar Tree. Get even more creative and print your first date photo and paste it on a map of where you met and frame it!

Splurge-Make A Book Out Of Your Kid's Drawings!

You can splurge on one of my favorite gifts from a company called ARTKIVE. ARTKIVE will take your child's artwork and turn it into a wonderful coffee table book, or curated collage. We love our child's creativity. Art books are great way to express sentiment on Valentine's Day.

Economical & Entertaining-Cook A New Recipe Together

I love trying a new decadent recipe that involves the whole family. You can find tons of ideas online on websites like All Recipes, or pick up a cookbook at your local library. If you're nervous about doing this, meal kits like Hello Fresh, and Green Chef are some great alternatives. You won't have to run around town shopping for ingredients, and from my experience they're idiot proof. You only need the cookware, oil, salt and pepper. 

More Free & Cheap Ideas!

Free-Family Friendly Rom-Com's

Ranker has a list of Family Friendly Rom-Com's that are safe to watch with your kids like The Princess Diaries, The Princess Bride, Legally Blond and many more. 

Under $5 Gift Mugs

Go to a discount store like Dollar Tree or Marshall's and buy an oversized coffee mug for Valentine's Day, or just a plain red mug. Fill it with peppermint swirls, and chocolates, and don't forget to write a sweet note.

Cheap-Breakfast in Bed

This oldie but goodie is a great way to start the day for your loved one. Click here for some easy recipe ideas.

Free-Schedule Time For Your Loved Ones

In today's hectic world, we're always distracted and not in tune with each other. Make it a point not to work, not to scroll email, and be in the present. A fun way to break the ice is with a board game, or even just an impromptu game of Charades!

Free-Make Valentine's Day Cards With Recyclable Materials

I confess that one of my favorite Valentine's gifts from my husband was a homemade card. He made it from office junk. It was decorated with paper clips, white out, memos, and I don't know what else. I had asked for a homemade card, and I got one, but what made it fun was that we talked about the process of making our own cards. It was really funny, and different, and at the end of the day it's about having fun. Yes I love jewelry and chocolates, but heck after twenty years of being together you need to be creative!

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