Lady M Cake Boutique Opens In UTC- Is It Worth The Hype?

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By Courtney Daly-Pavone January 24, 2023

Recently we saw people queuing in front of the newly opened Lady M Cake Boutique at The Westfield UTC Mall. They seemed to know something that we didn't. In the window we saw unusual desserts, and customers leaving the store with multiple bags. So why were they so excited? It turns out that Lady M Cake Boutiques are an international sensation, taking the world by storm. Apparently Martha Stewart and Oprah are fans of Lady M. We had to test it out for ourselves. 

Are Their Cakes Really Delish, or Just Hype?

Lady M Cakes were delivered to my home. The porch pirates missed out that day. We received two cakes-Green Tea and Chocolate Mille Cake, plus their My Melody Lunar New Year Gift Set, a collection of Lady M bon bons, and red envelopes. Lady M's mille crepe cakes consist of at least 20 layers of paper-thin French crepes and soft cream, with a topping of caramelized sugar. 

I have a sweet tooth, but I really didn't anticipate going head over heels for these desserts, and I wasn't alone.  I sampled the cakes with friends and family members, and there was no shortage of skepticism fused with culinary curiosity. Universally, we had the same reaction. We were speechless as we savored that first bite of the Green Tea Cake. We just took in the cream filling sandwiched between twenty layers of crepes, hints of matcha green tea complimented the custard. The texture of the cake was lite, but rich enough to maintain the impact of the cream filling. Honestly, I had never experienced a dessert like this in my life. It was a happy marriage. I was so grateful.

Next up was the The Chocolate Mille Crêpes. This cake would have to work extra hard following the Green Tea Cake. The Chocolate Mille Cake also has twenty layers of crepes, laced with chocolate custard. The cream filling was as rich as Italian gelato. My husband fell in love with this cake. He compared it to the Italian patisseries he grew up eating in his native Palermo. My friend's husband also loved it. He raved about it's taste and texture. So far that's two desserts out of three that wowed us and lived up to the hype.


We moved onto the Bon Bons in the Lunar New Year gift set. The presentation was exquisite. It even came with red envelopes for Chinese New Year

My twelve year old son loved each flavor. He closed his eyes and seemed to transcend into some sort of Willy Wonka state of mind! 

Lady M Cakes are worth the hype, worth the queue, worth the calories, carbs, and sugar. We know why there are fifty Lady M Cake boutiques worldwide. Don't be surprised if you see us queuing outside Lady M. 

Lady M Cake Boutique

4465 La Jolla Village Dr H-9

San Diego, CA 92122

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