Treat Your Family To Annie Now Playing @ The Civic Theatre!

By Courtney Daly-Pavone December 30, 2022

The moment the live orchestra played the medley of songs from this iconic show the audience applauded. Personally it brought back so many memories, and I knew I wasn't alone. The crowd that night was a mixed age group,and they all grew up with Annie.


In my sphere it was Annie the movie starring Albert Finney. Annie the Broadway New York show that my father took me to when I was twelve. Then there was Annie the movie soundtrack that I played on a continuous loop memorizing every uplifting tune. "The sun will come out tomorrow," was my mantra then as it is now. After all little orphan Annie has street cred that still holds up. Her story still resonates with us. The need to connect, self identity, friends that become family and so much more!

This production of Annie is just as incredible as my memories. If you love Annie, you will not be disappointed. 

There were several stand out performances. My personal favorite was Nick Bernardi who played Rooster Hannigan, and Stephanie Londino as Miss Hannigan. I wanted to dance beside them during their song and dance number Easy Street.  

Kudos to Julia Nicole Hunter who played Grace Farrell with seamless class and ease.

Christopher Swan was the quintessential Oliver Warbucks, and Annie was Annie true to form. Ellie Pulsifer played the tough and loveable orphan to the bone stealing the audiences' heart.

Annie takes place in Depression era New York City during the 1930's. What I really enjoyed about the show were its historical references. It was nice to be able to have a mini history lesson for my kid in addition to treating him to live theatre. 

Spoiler Alert! You will end up singing along at the end of the show. Another thing I loved about this production, the actors looked like they were having a blast performing. It just looked like so much fun. 

Children and adults of all ages will enjoy this show from start to finish, and cherish the memories like I have all these years. Annie teaches us to never let go of our dreams, remain optimistic, and strong. Yes the sun will come out tomorrow, brighter than you could have ever imagined. Don't miss it!

Annie is playing at the Civic Theatre now through January 1st 2023!


The Civic Theatre

1100 Third Ave, San Diego 92101

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