Flexible and Rewarding Work: Become a Papa Pal Today!

'To me, it's the ideal part-time job for a parent'

By Macaroni KID September 28, 2022

Three of our publishers have been working part-time as Papa Pals for the last few months. They have absolutely loved the work, so much so that we wanted to share their experiences in case you want to give this awesome side hustle a try.

What's a Papa Pal, you ask? Put simply, a Papa Pal works part-time, usually, less than 10 hours a week on a flexible schedule helping people in their local community who need assistance with small tasks or are in need of companionship. 

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I have never had a more rewarding job in my life.

—Rebecca Seidenberger, a Papa Pal in Pennsylvania

Our publishers working as Papa Pals have had a lot of questions from friends and family about the job so we decided to round up some of the most frequently asked questions here and let our Papa Pal publishers answer them!

What is a Papa Pal?

Papa Pals help others in their community in need, such as seniors and families.

Papa ... recognizes the importance of human connection and their program brings it right to the doors of those who need it.

—Kara Ault, Papa Pal in Arkansas

What are some examples of the kinds of work you have done for Papa? 

Papa Pals can be asked to do everything from drive a Pal to a doctor's appointment to help with light housecleaning, but the focus is on companionship. You'll know before you agree to a job what the requests are, so you know if it's right for you!

For my first Papa visit, I helped the client with her cell phone issues, assisted with some simple house chores, and chatted with her about marrying her childhood sweetheart and growing up in New York City. Her daughter and daughter-in-law thanked me for being there for their mother.

—Annie Young, Papa Pal in California

Sometimes, companionship is the most important thing a Papa Pal can offer.

During my latest visit, I arrived to learn that my Papa member's husband had just been admitted to the hospital. She needed help with light cleaning, but she also needed to chat. we took a break and sat on the porch and drank lemonade. I could tell it was exactly what she needed.


Does Papa pay well?

Yes! Pay varies by location, but all Papa Pals are paid a base hourly rate (ranging from $13 to $17 an hour) plus bonuses. With bonuses, many Pals earn about $20 an hour. Plus, being a Papa Pal is truly flexible — you choose when and how often you work.  There are no long-term commitments. If you want to take a break, you simply don't book any visits. You have full control over your schedule.

As a Papa Pal, there is no limit to the number of visits you can complete or the amount you can earn.I received payment for my visit and gas mileage reimbursement within a couple of days of my visit. Helping others makes me feel great and the flexibility of Papa works so well with my busy schedule. To me, it's the ideal part-time job for a parent.


Being a Papa Pal is the perfect part-time, flexible job for compassionate people looking to make money while doing good in their communities. You choose your own hours which means, as a teacher, Papa Pal fits into my schedule perfectly!


What else do you want people to know about being a Papa Pal?

All three of our publishers working as Papa Pals have truly loved the connections they've made, the help they've been able to offer and the extra income they're earning!

I still can't believe I get to make my own schedule, get paid, and help members of my community! It is incredibly rewarding, and I encourage all of you to try it out too! 


Papa helps create that community where two people can connect, share their stories, and feel a little less lonely. I love being a Papa Pal because it makes my heart smile. When you become a Papa Pal, your heart will smile too.


Ready to start working as a Papa Pal?

Simply visit the Papa website now and create a profile. This entails providing your location, car insurance information (if you plan to take jobs that require transportation), submitting to a background check, and entering your bank information (so that you can get paid!). 

 If you’re often described as caring, friendly, and reliable, you already have some of the most important qualities of a great caregiver! 


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Do you know someone who might benefit from a Papa Pal visit? Papa is a benefit typically accessed as part of health insurance or employer benefits. Ask your loved one's insurance provider today if you'd like to find out how to get support from a Papa Pal!