Art, Music & Yoga-Incredible Homeschool Classes Available This Fall!

By Courtney Daly-Pavone August 28, 2021

3 Great Programs Are Uniting To Give Kids An Incredible Learning Experience!

If I Was A Bird Yoga, Monart School of Art, and Apt. 4 Music are offering a 3-Hour Enrichment Program for children ages 5-7 on Wednesdays 9 AM-12 PM.

5 Reasons Why This Program Is So Incredible

  1.  Yoga not only teaches flexibility, relieves anxiety, but boosts memory and concentration!
  2.  Art improves motor skills, language development, decision making, and improves academic performance!
  3. Research has found that learning music facilitates learning other subjects. Studies have shown that children who studied music had higher IQ scores.
  4.  This enrichment gives children a classroom environment experience, and the opportunity to socialize and learn with their peers.
  5. Yoga, art and music are not taught in most schools. This is an opportunity to nurture the whole child!

More About The Program

If I Was A Bird Yoga
A place where young ones can stretch and strengthen their minds and muscles. Creative poses, educational sequences and crafted breathing exercises. Upbeat & energetic with the perfect balance of mindfulness and peaceful relaxation.

Monart School of Art
Support your child’s art education with academic drawing classes that help them grow artistically and scholastically. This 1-hour guided drawing class will build fundamental drawing skills along with confidence and self-esteem.

Apartment 4 Music
Gain a strong musical foundation and have a blast in a group environment playing percussion instruments and ukulele, plus a myriad of singing and dancing that will keep your child excited to learn music every week.

This is a drop-off program. All classes are located in one building. Children will be escorted to their classes by an instructor. Enrichment courses are three hours in total, giving parents free time to work, run errands, or take a break while their child learns fine art, music, yoga and mindfulness.

3 HOUR ENRICHMENT FOR AGES 5-7: $425/child
WEDS / 9AM-12PM / OCT 06 – DEC 15 / 10 WEEKS

Charter School Funds are accepted as tuition payment for this program.

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