My Child's Covid Recovery- Here's What Happened

By Courtney Daly-Pavone July 30, 2021

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Last week I shared my child's Covid diagnosis. Now I would like to tell you about his recovery. Luckily my child had mild Covid symptoms: A fever of 102.7, persistent cough, and a loss of taste and smell for about three days. Over the counter medication relieved his symptoms. After those initial three days, he just suffered from a loss of taste and smell. He is still coping with this aggravating symptom. It's particularly hard since he's a foodie. He can only taste processed foods, and spicy dishes. He's tired at times, but those are his only remaining symptoms thankfully.

Did you know that an infected person only sheds Covid the first ten days of their infection. That is why The CDC recommends patients quarantine for ten days. 

Did you know that Covid patients are the most contagious the first forty-eight hours they are infected. Unfortunately, this is before most people show symptoms.

We Tested My Child For Covid After His Ten Day Quarantine Ended

We are planning to travel, and I wanted to make sure my son no longer had Covid. So we booked a Covid test that advertised results in 24 hours. We had an appointment for 7 AM, but so did a lot of other people. We were so nervous about the results we didn't sleep the night before. After a second sleepless night, I never got a call or text with the results. I had to phone the testing service myself, and answer a bunch of questions before a pin was assigned to me, which allowed me to open an email with my child's results. I thought I'd never find out the answer, but fortunately I did and my son's TEST WAS NEGATIVE!

Why It's Worth Getting A Covid Test

Initially, I had informed everyone that my son had Covid. I thought it was my public duty. Unfortunately, some people treated us like we had the cooties after my entire family had quarantined for ten days! They acted as if we should still be inside. I explained to them that the quarantine requirement is ten days, but they disagreed with me without anything to back up their opinions. Their response was the impetus for this article. I was a little insulted that they assumed we would put them at risk, or that we're uninformed. In the end, I made peace with them. They were misinformed. That's why it's worth getting a Covid PCR Test.

"Here-ye, here-ye, my child is no longer infectious!"

I now carry a copy of his Covid diagnosis, along with his negative test results. Why? According to the NIH, once you have Covid you have immunity to Covid for eight months. I also don't want anyone accusing my child of giving them Covid. It's making the rounds, and like I previously mentioned, you really can't detect where you might have picked it up.

Brave New World

School starts in August, and according to the CDC, the Delta variant is as contagious as chicken pox. These are crazy times. Stay safe as best as you can, and hopefully you can still enjoy the rest of your summer! 

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