The San Diego Zoo's Big Announcement On World Wildlife Day!

By Courtney Daly-Pavone March 3, 2021

San Diego Zoo Global has a new name the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance

SDZWA is collaborating with:

Save The Elephants, Polar Bears International,The United States Fish and Wildlife Service,  and Northern Rangelands Trust

"Global collaboration is vital in the future of wildlife care." 

-Rick Schwartz Animal Ambassador San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance

Feel Good About Visiting The Zoo & Safari Park

Every dollar you spend at the zoo goes to helping the animals at the zoo and abroad across six continents!

According to Schwartz, "San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance is using its unique expertise to support wildlife of all kinds, from Australia to the Arctic. The Alliance has pledged to create “allies for wildlife” with visitors to our parks, whether you come in person or connect digitally, by sharing its research from the field with you." 

Here's How San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance Is Helping Animals Around The World

Schwartz states, "With our alliances, we also have created what we call a “Conservation Toolbox,” with expertise in reproductive management, community engagement, disease surveillance, genetic rescue, education and wildlife health, nutrition and care. Our Alliance shares a common goal of protecting the world’s wildlife – and each brings their unique skills."

Today, artist Romero Britto unveiled a commissioned, one-of-a-kind mural that represents the importance of conservation, the urgency of San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance’s mission, and a renewed hope and awareness of the importance to save wildlife around the world.

You can visit the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park in person or online, and even watch live videos of elephants, polar bears and orangutans on their live cams!

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