Virtual Time Travel With Your Kids!

We Went To Ancient Egypt The Year 3000 B.C.E.

By Courtney Daly-Pavone February 4, 2021

I've always been a fan of Egyptology. After all, Ancient Egypt was one of the first advanced civilizations. Mind blowing architecture, advances in technology and medicine (they invented clocks, math, dentistry), incredible art, and mined gold! I remember when The King Tut Exhibit traveled to the United States. The result-Egypt mania swept the nation, and I became a fan.

This Felt More Like Time Travel Than A Lesson!

I created a series of fun homeschool lessons on Ancient Egypt which transported us back in time. The crafts, artwork, recipes and educational films were entertaining for the entire family.

Make This Ancient Egyptian Death Mask- Paper Mache Craft for kids 5 & Up!



Cardboard box

Toilet paper roll 


Glue & Water (to make paper mache mixture)

Masking tape

Blue acrylic paint 

Plastic Face Mask (you can find them at a craft's store like Michael's)

Gold Spray Paint

Steps:Draw the shape of the mask on a piece of cardboard with your plastic mask at the center. Cut out the mask shape. 

Tape the mask to the cardboard with masking tape. Tape a toilet paper roll to the bottom of the mask. 

Next dip strips of newspaper into the glue mixture and then place them on the mask and cardboard mask so that it is completely covered. Let it dry overnight. Day 2 spray the entire mask with gold spray paint. Let it dry overnight (outdoors if possible). Day 3 apply blue paint to the mask, and let it dry.

This is a project that require some parental help here's why:

You will have to cut the cardboard for you child, but they can draw the shape of the mask, tear the newspapers and dip them in the glue/water mixture, and shape the mask on their own. When the paper mache dries 24 hours later, you will have to assist with the spray paint. Remember to wear a face mask and protective eye gear while using spray paint. Use spray paint outdoors, or indoors with windows open. My ten year old son loved this craft. He was proud of his mask. This craft is a great way to engage children history and art!

Egyptian Collar Craft *Easy Preschool/Kinder Egyptian Craft-Cost .99 Cents

This craft is one kids can do on their own. The ingredients include acrylic paint, and a paper plate. Kids can be creative with how they design their collar necklace. You will have to use a cup to draw a round circle in the middle of the necklace, and shape it to fit your child.

Learn Something New Online For Free!

Educational Online Lesson on Ancient Egypt for Grades 1-4 From Homeschool Pop!

Ducksters Online Lesson On Ancient Egypt- Elementary School

Ancient Egypt Online Program For Grades 5+ From National Geographic

IMAX Film Mystery of the Nile *All AgesI saw this film years ago at Fleet Science Center, and it's incredible! Learn about the economic impact the Nile River had on Ancient Egypt.

Smithsonian Virtual Tours of Ancient Egypt *All Ages


We found great books at The Coronado Library on Egypt, our favorite was Food and Feasts in Ancient Egypt by Richard Balkwill. We found a treasure trove of recipes including Ancient Egyptian Dried Fruit Salad, Radish Salad, and Cucumber Yogurt Dip. Kids ages 6+ can make the fruit salad, cucumber dip and radish salad on their own. The recipes were fairly quick and easy to make. Another bonus, kids are more likely to eat food they make themselves, and I ask you, When was the last time your kid ate a radish?


We found a new favorite family recipe, shakshuka a wonderful dish for anytime of day! It was cheap and easy to make with eggs, a can of tomatoes, 1 red bell pepper, garlic, onion, and olive oil, and fresh herbs. See link above for full recipe and details. This is a popular Middle Eastern dish, that's healthy, tasty, and filling serve with pita bread.

We also baked Egyptian Date Cake. While we liked this one, it tasted more like a bran muffin than a cake. We also baked Egyptian Palace Bread (a dessert). If you have a sweet tooth, you'll love this recipe from B.C.E.! It consists of ten slices of white bread soaked in two cups of honey. No wonder Lower Egypt was called "Bee Land," in ancient times! The recipe suggests pouring heavy cream on top of the bread, but my son liked it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. You can also top it with yogurt or sour cream.

If you don't feel like cooking, you can find some great Middle Eastern cuisine at Fairouz Cafe on Midway Drive.

Another great book on Ancient Egypt is Everything Ancient Egypt by National Geographic.

Draw Cleopatra! -Cost Free!

There are a million online art tutorials for all ages and skills. We draw historical figures everyday. It's fun to see how they turn out.

Educational toys like Toob Toys Ancient Egyptian Figures are a wonderful introduction to Egyptian history for younger kids. My son loved playing with them when he was younger. 

When it reopens, The Museum of Us (formerly The Museum of Man), has a permanent Egyptian exhibit, and children's room where kids can build pyramids, and pretend to sail the Nile River on a boat, excavate artifacts, and learn about the fascinating lives of the Ancient Egyptians. Until it reopens, there are some great ways to educate, engage, and bond with your kids.

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