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By Courtney Daly-Pavone October 11, 2020

Looking for a fun place to celebrate Halloween 2020? 

Look no further than Haunted Aquarium Remix @ The Birch Aquarium now thru October 31st! 

Children ages two to ten years old are encouraged to wear costumes during this festive time at the aquarium. Upon entry, kids will receive a Discovery Booklet which includes self-guided explorations to Haunted Aquarium Remix activities. 

Children can learn about and touch spooky, slimy seaweed, several species of small sharks, and creepy, crawly critters like  Sea Spiders. They will also explore what happens when a whale “falls” at a whale boneyard. 

The Haunted Kelp Maze was my child's favorite activity, a great place to get lost with a parent or friend. My child also loves touching sea creatures at Tide Pool Plaza, and learning about marine life from the docents.

The entire aquarium is decorated for Halloween, and children are free to explore and partake in educational activities. 

As a mom who has now visited other Halloween venues during the pandemic, I have a new found appreciation for the Birch. There are long lines to enter the zoo and SeaWorld, but at the Birch it is by reservation only. There were only a few other patrons, and we didn't have to worry about crowds, or long lines. The Covid precautions the aquarium has taken like temperature readings before entering, hand washing stations, and floor markers to encourage social distancing was an added comfort. Overall, it was a personalized and relaxing experience for me and my guests.

We have spent time at the Birch before, and my child was happy to be in a familiar setting. It felt like old times. 

Haunted Aquarium Remix runs all day 9 AM to 5 PM until 10/31, and is included with paid admission to the aquarium.

Location: Birch Aquarium 2300 Expedition Way La Jolla, CA 92037

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