34 Free & Cheap Ways To Brighten Your Kids Day

By Courtney Daly-Pavone September 17, 2020

34 Free/Cheap Ways To Make Your Kids Day Better!

1. Watch the sunrise or sunset, photograph it, or draw it!

2. Download a free stargazing app and study constellations with your child.

3. Do an at home science experiment with your kid.

4. Take them to a Farmer's Market or Fruit Stand and let them choose a new exotic fruit and have a taste test (my child loves this).

4. Color with you child.

5. Paint watercolors with your child.

6. Paint With Bob Ross.

7. Make paper dolls.

8. Make paper bag and sock puppets, have a puppet show. For sock puppet ideas CLICK HERE! 

9. Make your own instruments with recyclable materials.

10. Make Tie Dye Shirts out of food coloring.

11. Host a dance party with your child.

12. Host a tea party.

13. Ask them what they want for dinner and cook together.

14. Build a fort and camp with your child.

15. Tell them a story about what they were like when they were babies.

16. Make a scrapbook together it doesn't have to be fancy, you can use construction paper, glue and print photos at the drugstore.

17. Go on a nature walk and play i-Spy.

18. Try a new exotic cuisine from a distant land find it on the map, watch a film about this new country.

19. Go fishing it's free on the OB pier, or you can buy a fishing license. 

20. Create a song together on Garage Band, or Soundtrap, or by using real instruments.

21. Learn a new language together. There are tons of free websites and Youtube channels devoted to languages.

22. Go on a picnic together make it special and eat good food and play lawn games.

23. Have a pajama day.

24. Have a costume day.

25. Read together.

26. Play board games together.

27. Write a note of encouragement. "You're special!" "To a wonderful kid!"

28. Cut up old t-shirts and redesign them.

29. Watch one of your favorite childhood movies, TV shows, or old commercials with your kids. Share a favorite memory.

30. Read a book that was turned into a movie, then watch the movie ask your kid which one was better.

31. Bake and decorate cookies.

32. Create a mini magazine "A Zine."

33. Make binoculars with your child and spend the day outside exploring.

34. Make a Spyglass and have a pirate day!

Remember you don't have to take your kids to Disney to make them happy. 

What Do Kids Want? Quality Time With You! My adult niece has great memories dancing to Madonna songs with me-cost $0!

Between the fires, the pandemic, and the stress of distance learning let's just say it was a tough week.  I wondered what kind of impact this was having on my child.  My kid will never forget this time, but hopefully he will be able to look back on the good things that happened. 

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