Calling All Future Marine Biologists!

Free Online Oceanography Lessons & Virtual Tours

By Courtney Daly-Pavone August 27, 2020

I'm a dolphin mom. I believe children can learn through play. Trips to the aquarium, the tide pools, or caring for a pet can be educational. It is essentially learning disguised as fun. Children willingly participate in these activities, are 100% engaged, and in good spirits. If you have a child that loves marine animals check out these free lesson plans courtesy of world renowned aquariums.

*Free Virtual Oceanography Classes from The Waikiki Aquarium

Kids can learn about Humpback Whales, survival in the Coral Reefs, and Threats and Adaptations in this virtual Ocean Classroom. Lesson plans are also included in this free program which can be accessed at any time. 


*Free Online Classes @ The Aquarium of the Pacific

Set A Reminder for These Upcoming Classes:

Pre-K to Grade 5 Live on demand classes: 8/28 9 AM-9:30 AM Ask a Scientist: Octopus

Grades 3-5 8/28 10 AM-10:30 AM Habitats

Sat. 9/19 9 AM-5 PM Moompetam Native American Virtual Festival

Visit Aquarium of the Pacific Online Learning Center 24/7!

Learn about African Penguins, Artic Foxes and more!

*Free Preschool/Kindergarten can watch episodes of The Pacific Pals Show

*Free Click Here for Activity Pages & Coloring Sheets

Download This Free Science & Explorer App Click Here! 

The Aquarium’s shows that are available in the SOS Explorer app include:

  • Aquaculture
  • Extreme Weather
  • Fukushima and Our Radioactive Ocean
  • The Only Thing that is Constant is Change
  • Resilient Cities: Key to Thriving on a Changing Planet
  • The Story of El Nino
  • The World’s Water

*FREE Coloring Pages From Marine Laboratory & Aquarium

Free North American River Otter Coloring Page Click Here!

Free Reef Butterflyfish Coloring Page Click Here!

Green Sea Turtle Coloring Page Click Here!

Visit The Tide Pools in San Diego!


At this national park, the site where Spanish explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo first discovered the West Coast and San Diego Bay, excellent tide pools can be found below the sandstone cliffs. Look for periwinkle snails, shore crabs, acorn barnacles, troglodyte chitons, limpets, California mussels, anemones, California sea hares, fishes, lobsters and even octopuses.


This gorgeous spot is famous as a perch for watching the sun drop into the Pacific, but good tide pools await during low tide. Here, you will find hundreds of sea anemones, little crabs and fish. 


This stretch of sand that connects Cardiff and Solana Beach has easily accessible tide pools just south of Lifeguard Tower #10. At low tide, kids can play on the flat rocks, part of Table Top reef, and discover myriad creatures tucked in the nooks and crannies. The rocks here are 45 million years old and contain clam fossils as well.


Tide pools are located north of the stairs. After looking for sea hares, brittle stars and hermit crabs, hang out for sunset and watch the surfers catch the day's last waves

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