Just In-Free Online Oceanography Lessons From The Ocean Institute!

By Courtney Daly-Pavone July 31, 2020

The Ocean Institute educates children, teachers, parents, and visitors with more than 60 marine science and maritime history programs. 

Located in the Dana Point Harbor; the facility offers in-depth lessons on ocean science, ocean conservation, and maritime history. The Ocean Institute offers lessons online with a video resource and an educational activity for you to try at home.

Click Here For At Home Lesson Plans!

For Grades K-3 Click Here for Storytime & Activity Sheets!

If You Plan on Being In Dana Point Check Out The Ocean Institute Camps and Classes for Kids!

Ocean Institute In Person Summer Camp kids 5+ can attend The Ocean Institute in person summer camp offered through 8/10/20.

Seaside Academy- The Ocean Institute will offer full-day, academic support to families this fall. Helping students complete their schoolwork and offer experience and activities that will enhance children's education

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