Create A Summer Bucket List

Saving Summer

By Courtney Daly-Pavone July 31, 2020

My summer mantra is The Beastie Boys song "Fight For Your Right to Party. Of course I mean partying cautiously with masks, social distancing, outdoor only, with plenty of hand sanitizer and wipes. 

Every summer my son creates a bucket list. You might assume the list would include a trip to Disneyland, or Hawaii, but instead he wants to chase an ice cream truck, or cut open a coconut. 

My takeaway, it's about bonding, it doesn't have to break the bank, or require outsourcing a babysitter for help.

Due to Covid-19, lately we have spent more time indoors. So this summer, we really had to party with gusto!

Have your kids create a summer bucket list! 

Prompt your kids by leaving a sheet of paper on the fridge titled Summer Bucket List

Have them fill in the blanks, you can even have other family members participate. 

Try These 16 Summer Bucket List Ideas

1. New cuisine- Trying new foods teaches kids about different cultures and helps local businesses. Want to save money and still experience new flavors? Discover a new online recipe. Kids can help in the kitchen. 

2. Buy exotic fruit at the supermarket like jackfruit and lychee nuts. Have a taste test with your kids. Show them where the fruit grows on a map, and learn about a faraway land. Learn the health benefits of the produce. My son loves eating dragon fruit, and pitaya. We also make popsicles, smoothies, and juice with exotic fruits.

3. Rent a kayak or paddle board- We love kayaking on Mission Bay, and there's no better way to enjoy the outdoors.

4. Go out for an ice cream cone-$1.70 a cone @ Baskin Robbins the 31st day of the month. We like to sit outdoors and people watch.

5. Chase an ice cream truck- La Jolla Children's Pool usually has a truck on the street. Enjoy the beach, and check out pelicans and seals. Every summer we chase an ice cream truck, and it makes my kid's day as well as the driver!

6. Go to a drive-in movie! I guarantee you will have fun, and create a special family memory. 

7. Picnic in the park- Some great parks for picnics: Liberty Station, Morley Field, Del Cerro Park, Mission Point, and Noble Playground. Bring some outdoor games like croquet, and board games, play music, and read books together.

8. Go fishing on the OB Pier-No license needed. My kid loves watching the seals, and dolphins occasionally he catches dinner.

9. Buy gigantic pool floats and head to the bay. We have several floats that look like realistic animals loads of fun! You can find them at Ralph's and Vons for about $10 each.

10. Make and Fly Your Own Kite

11. Visit an outdoor historical site like Heritage Park in Old Town.

12.Take a scenic drive up the coast-visit a new beach.

13. Go for a hike- some great stops Torrey Pines or Cabrillo State Park.

14. Create an Obstacle course in your backyard Click Here For Ideas!

15. Go camping locally, or in your own backyard.

16. Create a summer scrapbook- you can make it together Summer 2020!

Make the last few weeks of summer the best! Stay safe and enjoy!

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