Get a Cravory Cookie-Gram!

A Special Delivery Made Our Day!

By Courtney Daly-Pavone April 30, 2020

We Got A Special Delivery This Week From The Cravory Cookie Shop!

The Decorating Cookie Kit From Cravory Cookies!

Our delivery came with pre-made sugar cookies, chocolate and vanilla icing, and 3 types of sprinkles to make endless creations! Cookie Decorating Kits come in two options- bake and decorate or decorate pre-baked cookies, the kits are a fun activity for kids! My son loved decorating them, and best of all eating them!

What's Included:

      • Bake and Decorate: Cookie Mix, Vanilla and Chocolate Frosting, 3 kinds of sprinkles.

      • Decorate Sugar Cookies: 12 Sugar Cookies, Vanilla and Chocolate Frosting, 3 kinds of sprinkles.

Available for take-out, delivery as well as nationwide shipping

Show off your finished work - tag The Cravory on Instagram or Facebook @TheCravory

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