12 Free & Fun Things To Do This Week

Kick Cabin Fever In The Butt!

By Courtney Daly-Pavone April 29, 2020

We're approaching the two month mark of staying at home. A milestone many of us never could have imagined, but staying local doesn't have to be dull. Here's a list of FREE things to do with items found in every day homes, online, or outside!

Create a Time Capsule

Kids will love this activity! Children can fill an old canister with a letter about life in 2020. They can include a newspaper, or magazine, an old toy, and some coins. Label the canister TIME CAPSULE and cover it in plastic. Kids can dig a hole in the yard and bury it. My son loved creating his time capsule, his label read don't open until 2031! Kids can practice their handwriting, and it helps them process their feelings during the pandemic.

Encourage Children To Write A Diary

These are unprecedented times. Children's voices matter, and a journal is a great way for kids to express their emotions. Currently, I am reading The Diary of A Young Girl by, Anne Frank with my son, and we just finished The Children of Topaz, a book about children living in a Japanese American internment camp in Utah during World War 2. You can use a plain notebook to start, just include a daily entry. Creative kids might want to draw their day, and have less writing.

Has Your Child Created Their Own Newspaper? The Washington Post Might Publish It!

Children all over America have created their own local newspapers during the pandemic. Now the Washington Post is publishing their work. Click this link to submit your child's newspaper to The Washington Post:

Have Kids Draw "Weather Art" For The Washington Post

The Washington Post is also publishing kids artwork CLICK HERE to submit their drawings. 

KPBS 2 Learning

KPBS 2 offers classroom education on their channel, and online with free lesson plans, games and more! Visit:

Watch NBC Nightly News Kids Edition

If the news these days gives you nightmares, imagine what it does to kids! For a safer version of the news, NBC Nightly News has a kids edition which is informative and geared towards younger audiences check it out!

Click Here For Beach & Park Openings

Wear a Mask, Practice Social Distancing & Go Outside! Here's What You Can Still Do:

Paddle Board

Canoe & Kayak

Bike Ride


Nature Walks

Sunbathe (in your backyard or park for now).

Remember to stay positive we'll get through this San Diego!

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