Circus Vargas Returns!

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By Courtney Daly-Pavone February 29, 2020

My Family Loves Circus Vargas!

Every year Circus Vargas produces a new show. 2020's “Mr. V’s Big Top Dream" is a must-see, show-stopping spectacular bigger and better than ever! 

“Mr. V’s Big Top Dream,” a semi-biographical circus honors the late legendary circus impresario Clifford E. Vargas, maker of circus magic! Mr. V. was an eccentric entrepreneur and visionary the creator and promoter of Circus Vargas! Vargas never lost his childhood love and wonder for the circus and was determined to share it with everyone!

His legacy continues in this latest production. In this show, the audience follows the tale of the young entertainment genius as he scours the globe in search of the most amazing circus artists under the sun! Meet the colorful cast of characters he encounters along his journey in pursuit of his circus dream! And then finally, witness the culmination of his life’s work, his masterpiece, his dream in true Vargas style!

We loved watching four motorcyclists race around this caged sphere. The very brave trapeze artists, colorful clowns, and acrobatics! Each Circus Vargas production is unique and special. I particularly liked this production which really showed the family aspect of a traveling circus. Not only is it entertaining, but you can see the performers are really having fun doing their craft. 

At Circus Vargas memories are made and cherished for a lifetime!

The kids ran away with the circus! 

Don't miss your chance to see this fantastic show! 

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