Mosi Musa: A True Tale About a Baby Monkey Raised by His Grandma

New Children's Book Teaches Empathy

By Courtney Daly-Pavone January 17, 2020

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Mosi Musa: A True Tale About a Baby Monkey Raised by his Grandma

by Georgeanne Irvine

Tells the story of Mosi, a baby vervet monkey who is raised by his grandmother after his biological mom refuses to care for him. Mosi is an energetic monkey who won the heart of grandma, zookeepers, the public, and eventually his own mom.

It's a true story of love, survival and adaptation. 

5 Things Your Child Will Learn From This Book 

-It sometimes takes a village to raise a baby. 

-How to overcome challenges.

-The power of unconditional love (especially from grandparents).


-Plus cool facts about vervet monkeys. 

Mosi Musa is also a great bridge to chapter books for young readers. It has plenty of photographs documenting Mosi's life from birth to young adult. 

Teaching children empathy though animals is a powerful lesson that resonates with kids. They are able to see connections between animal experiences and their own lives, and find common ground. They see them as living creatures they can relate to not objects.

This book from author Georgeanne Irvine is part of a series of books from the Hope & Inspiration Series San Diego Zoo Global PressThese real characters are at the San Diego Zoo and San Diego Zoo Safari ParkIt adds another layer of interest, fascination, and study of these incredible animals that look different from us, and have a different skills set. They have amazing abilities and purpose. What an enlightening lesson for children and adults! 

You will absolutely love reading this book to your children. I highly recommend Mosi Musa: A True Tale About a Baby Monkey Raised by His Grandma, and additional books in the series: Fabulous Floyd,Karen's Heart, and Ruuxa & Raina.

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