A Christmas Carol

Don't Miss This Amazing Show @ The Cygnet Theatre Old Town

By Courtney Daly-Pavone December 3, 2019

A Christmas Carol is one of the greatest stories ever written!

When Charles Dickens penned this classic story he could have never envisioned it being retold in countless productions. It is a story one never tires from, but instead grows with the audience. This performance by the Cygnet Players is true to form, with a Scrooge in need of a reckoning, and a heartwarming Bob Cratchit. The show has a cast of phenomenal actors, they transport you to the time of Dickens, and leave you yearning for more!

The musical score will leave you humming for days. We arrived to the play early, and enjoyed Christmas caroling, and one liners from the cast. The stage is decked out in holiday decor, and you can't help but feel the spirit of the Christmas as soon as you arrive. The play also included puppetry, and smokey effects, but it isn't too scary for kids.

Treat yourself and loved ones to this show that appeals to audiences of all ages, teaches us about the true value of life and our relationships, forgiveness, and empathy, or as I like to describe it as a palatable story of redemption!

A Christmas Carol Now Playing @ The Cygnet Theatre in Old Town

Old Town Theatre
4040 Twiggs St.
San Diego, CA 92110
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