See Tikitiko @ The New Children's Museum

Enjoy The Fun!

By Courtney Daly-Pavone November 29, 2019

A Great Way To Spend The Day!

The New Children's Museum is a wonderful educational experience for children 10 and under. Located in Downtown San Diego it offers indoor and outdoor play spaces, interactive exhibits that immerse children in art. We've been going for years to the museum, and my child loves interacting with the art displays which were designed specifically to engage children. It's ideal for playdates, or if your child is alone they will have the opportunity to play with other children on one of the may structures, or play spaces.

Check Out Their Latest Exhibit Tikitiko!

Tikitiko is a sensory wonderland for toddlers (3 years and under). Kids can make meaningful connections around abstract forms covered in colorful, soft and furry textiles, and build empathy by brushing furry beings.

Congratulations to Irina P. of San Diego for winning 4 tickets to The New Children's Museum!

You can discover more exciting exhibits and workshops by visiting:


200 W. Island Ave
San Diego, CA, 92101