We Went on The Haunted Tales Tour

Here's Our Review

By Courtney Daly-Pavone October 21, 2019

The Star of India is a great place to visit on a sunny afternoon, but for two nights in October this tall ship becomes ghostly! We went on a Haunted Tales tour and had a dose of thrills and chills. 

The lantern led tour took us from the captains table, to the lower level where as many as four hundred and fifty passengers once dwelled when the ship shepherded passengers from England to New Zealand and Australia. The immigrants journey took a whopping five months, and they were only allowed on the top deck five minutes a day for fresh air! This ship has had many lives, cargo ship, passenger vessel, and working ship during it's tuna fishing days, and there are many stories to tell.

On the lantern led tour, we learned about the true story of a Captain who died on the ship, and according to staff, still haunts it to this day. A skeleton that was buried beneath the chains of the ships anchor, and a stowaway who met a deadly fate!

We love the Star of India and Haunted Tales!

The stories were engaging, historical, and they excite kids about history! World history, and San Diego history. My son enjoyed the excitement of being outdoors at night on a ship. Kids love exploring, and the tour really gives them the opportunity to imagine what life was like for immigrants during the 1800's. I highly recommend Haunted Tales. 

The next Haunted Tales journey is the night of October 26th don't miss it!

For More Information Visit:

Maritime Museum of San Diego
1492 North Harbor Drive
San Diego CA 92101-3309
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