Trolley Dances Takes Over San Diego

San Diego Dance Theater

By Courtney Daly-Pavone October 8, 2019

Something extraordinary happens on the streets of San Diego just once a year...

A live show called Trolley Dances is part of the San Diego Dance Theater, and annually for three days the dancers turn the city of San Diego into their stage. This year I tagged along with my son as the dancers shepherded us on a journey to live performances at the courtyard of a Downtown complex, a trolley ride to Chollas Creek Park and Arts Park, and the grand finale at the city courthouse.

What We Loved About Trolley Dances!

I will never look at these locations the same way again. I loved that the stark, mundane landscape of the Downtown Courthouse had new life pumped into its veins with dancers leaping off walls. A generic Downtown hi-rise courtyard was the backdrop for an enchanting choreographed dance. The audience of various ages gobbled it up, and it was a happening!

Great art happens, spontaneously, not frequently enough. Like a cosmic explosion when great talents converge. Being in the Arts Park @ Chollas Creek, and hearing a live poet rhyme, while dancers performed was like an alignment of all of the planets. It was moving to see their interpretation of poetry rhyme and having graffiti as the backdrop, and the piece of resistance- seeing my fellow San Diegans from all walks of life in the audience was an incredible, and healing experience. It is why art matters. It bridges what can divide us, and creates common ground, it is what is lacking in our lives, and what we yearn for. 

If you missed Trolley Dances this year, don't fret it will be back like a solar eclipse!

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