RaVive Health & Vitality

Recharge @ Point Loma's Local Wellness Center

By Courtney Daly-Pavone September 25, 2019

RaVive Health & Vitality in Point Loma offers a variety of wellness treatments like acupuncture, and an array of massages like Swedish, deep tissue, and CBD oil massage treatments. They also offer all natural, physician developed, medical weight loss program, and IV/vitamin and mineral injections. Their B-12 shots are the most popular, and promise to put a little spring back in your step!

I recently spoke to Howard Flamm Clinic Director and Nutritionist at RaVive about their services. According to Flamm, Autumn is a great time to take care of you. "Kids are back in school and many folks find they have more time to take better care of themselves." 

"Summer vacations and barbeques can lead to over indulgence, but Fall is a different," said Flamm.  "There's more structure this time of year. "

Flamm states, "When it comes to forming long-lasting healthy habits, like making time for meal planning and physical activity, there's no time like the present. Boost your energy level, keep active and eat cleaner!" 

RaVive can reboot you physically and mentally through a number of services.

RaVive Health & Vitality Services:


Body Contouring

IV Infusions

Local Cryotherapy


Medical Weight Loss

Oxygen Bar

Vitamin Injections

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