Check Out This Free Arts Park @ Chollas Creek

Off The Beaten Path

By Courtney Daly-Pavone August 20, 2019

As a child growing up in New York I was bedazzled by graffiti subway cars and buildings.  As a San Diego transplant I get lost in the many murals around America's Finest City. My son loves rap and graffiti so he jumped at the chance of covering this assignment with me. Naturally, we were drawn to The Arts Park @ Chollas Creek, which has been coined "a graffiti-art lover's dream!" True to it's reputation, I was misty eyed as I reminisced and was transported back to the early days of rap and hip hop.


What's There? 

The yard offers over 10,000 square feet of paintable walls. Visitors can stop by to try and create their own murals or stroll the grounds to take in the murals done by locals and pros. The park is open to the public, admission is free. The venue sells paint and other supplies. 

As we walked past graffiti covered walls, I could almost hear Eric B. & Rakim rap pulsating, and my father yelling at me to lower the volume on my Sanyo Boombox. Perhaps my son heard Run The Jewels as he ran through the park without a care.  Regardless it was a super bad, impromptu afternoon where generations converged, and we can't wait to go back!

How It All Started 

Formally called Writerz Blok, the operation began in early 2000 as an outreach program to encourage kids to explore art in a safe, gang-neutral environment. In the summer of 2018 it was renamed Arts Park @ Chollas Creek.  Arts Park also offers classes in muralism, screen printing, urban art, and disc-jockey training.

During our visit, we saw a group of professionals learning graffiti basics. It was fun watching them try their hand at this urban art form, gaining a new appreciation for something once seen as taboo, stepping outside their comfort zone, and it was all totally legal!

The goal of programming at the Arts Park is to fuse community, nature, and art by providing a space for all creative art forms (visual, performing, etc.) to gather, collaborate, share and engage community.

Check Out Their Next Event!

Be About It!

This free event hosted by local poet and artist Gill Sotu will have entertainment, food and a showcase of San Diego groups making a difference in the community. Ten entertainers will perform short sets plus a custom piece that pays tribute to the focus of each organization. Event goers can also visit volunteer opportunity booths that will encourage “being about” making a change and multiple food vendors will be on site.

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