Mathnasium STEAM Camp

Robotics + Coding + Math = Fun!

By Courtney Daly-Pavone June 21, 2019

Is Your Child Interested in Robotics? 

Are They Ready for a STEAM Fueled Summer?

Mathnasium Camp Combines Robotics, Math, & Coding!

At this camp your child will have everything they need to build robots using code.

Did you know that children lose two months of learning during the summer months? 

It's a challenge to get kids to hit the books in when it's hot outside. That's why Mathnasium created The Math in Motion Summer Steam Camp. Children get a boost in math, and simultaneously learn coding and robotics. It's education disguised as play.  Kids create, problem solve, and make friends in a fun creative environment.

Math in Motion integrates the study of symmetry, measurement, calculating the area of the rectangles and circles all by building and having the robot interact with the student-constructed environment. 

Children Need to Learn STEAM Skills for Future Jobs 

"The future is here, and it requires a citizenry fluent in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM)"- Smithsonian Science Education Center

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