Check Out Kathryn The Grape's Children's Book Series

They Entertain Kids and Teach Values

By Courtney Daly-Pavone May 24, 2019

Kathryn the Grape is a 21st century Mr. Rogers. Her fictional book series Kathryn the Grape is self help for kids. They contain powerful messages of love and understanding in fun easy to read stories. These award winning books are ideal for readers Grades 1-2. Kathryn The Grape's books have won both the 2017 Family Choice Award and 2017 Mom's Choice Award. She also performs at libraries and events throughout San Diego.

 My son is a huge Kathryn the Grape fan. Read his Kathryn The Grape book review here!

"You always learn something, being yourself, being kind, face your fear about something, it's always about learning I think." Giovanni Age 8

Kathryn The Grape's Unique Compass

Giovanni-" It's about being yourself. When Kathryn didn't get picked in the talent show she gets upset, but then Maggie the butterfly said here's this compass it's a gift for you so you can be yourself. When you use this you can be where you're mean't to be, and Kathryn made up her own show so it's about being yourself. I like that she learned how to be herself, and if you have this book you learn about being yourself."

Kathryn The Grape's Grateful Garden

Kathryn's Grandma visits and together they plant a garden. Kathryn's grandma gives her a gratitude journal. Kathryn wants to go on a class trip but can't afford it. She makes gratitude notebooks to raise money friends and neighbors help. Giovanni-"I think it tells you how to be grateful for what you have. Instead of being someone with no house. You should be lucky you have what you need."

Kathryn The Grape's Pieces of Love

Kathryn struggles to write a for a school project, but learns to let her creativity flow. When that happens she is able to not only contribute a message of kindness, but learn her place in the world. Giovanni-"Kids can relate to this book. I've felt this way before."

Kathryn The Grape's Colorful Journey

Kathryn is feeling down, she thinks her brothers are mean to her. She goes on a colorful journey with Maggie the Butterfly to discover how to express her feelings. This book is helps kids control their emotions.

Kathryn The Grape's Magical Wand

In this book, kids learn about how a magical wand that helps Kathryn the Grape overcome fear, and help others also she learns to try new things. 

Kathryn The Grape's Kindness Confetti

Kathryn the Grape and her friends go to Camp Crystal Rock. Kathryn learns how sprinkling kindness confetti helps everyone choose kindness.

Kathryn The Grape's Joyful Adventure

Maggie the butterfly teaches Kathryn the Grape how to use her imagination. Kathryn has treasure box with tools of love to help others. 

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