Seven Seas Craft Beer & Food Festival @ SeaWorld

Visit The Park & Taste The Flavors of the World

By Courtney Daly-Pavone March 22, 2019

Where else can your taste buds travel from India to Jamaica, or the Mediterranean to the comfort food of the USA?  SeaWorld's Seven Seas Craft Beer & Food Festival happens once a year, and the fun of the amusement park converges with a culinary twist! Executive Chef Dave McHugh and his expert culinary team. SeaWorld's Seven Seas Craft Beer & Food Festival offers you a chance to enjoy fresh cuisine featuring local, sustainable ingredients and more than 50 unique signature flavors from around the world. 

We decided to check out the Seven Seas Craft Beer & Food Festival and had the pleasure of sampling some of our favorites which included: grilled lamb sliders, escargot in a pistolet roll, Jamaican spare ribs, and Nutella banana crepes! 

Papa Bear enjoyed his craft beer, Mamma Bear enjoyed her wine, and as for Baby Bear he sampled world cuisine and as always was in kid heaven seeing the animals, and going on SeaWorld's iconic rides. Did I mention the bands? The melodies of Cajun and Coffee House Acoustic Rock filled the air providing a relaxing vibe on a Spring weekend.

Coming Soon!

Viva Musica Comes to Seaworld San Diego! Enjoy this family-friendly event featuring sensational Latin music and cuisine in a fun festival atmosphere, weekends only, May 4-19 and June 1-2 don't miss this fantastic live concert series. SeaWorld Viva Musica is a celebration of Hispanic culture through great music, food and festive decor. 

Tidal Twister opens in May 24, 2019  This mega roller coaster accelerates to 30 miles per hour, riders will twist and bank as if they are riding the tide along a tight, figure-8 track! The Ride features lots of upside-down twists!

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