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A Must See for Families

By Courtney Daly-Pavone January 14, 2019


EcoVivarium is not a typical museum.  It's a living, breathing, educational and animal conservation facility with reptiles, amphibians, and arthropods. I visited EcoVivarium for a guided tour with my family.  The hands-on tour appealed to the senses, seeing, touching, and holding species from around the globe.  This engaging, educational experience teaches kids about biodiversity, and the fragility of these unique species and their connection to the world.  

Most of the animals were captured by animal control and fish and wildlife after being discarded, or mistreated by their owners.  EcoVivarium educates audiences about reptiles in a way that pet stores do not.  They inform visitors that the tiny lizards that can be purchased in the pet store can sometimes grow to be six or thirteen feet, and live twenty-five years! These animals also need enrichment, attention and care. In the right environment with their needs met, these reptiles flourish. It is apparent in their interactions with the staff at EcoVivarium.

Children of various ages and their parents were equally enthralled by the tour.  As a frequent visitor of the Zoo, I can say that EcoVivarium offers something distinct-  a connection. When you meet the caregivers of these animals, and witness their knowledge, devotion, connection and love you do more than see the animals.  This experience educates, and teaches kids animal conservation, and caring for the planet we all share.

EcoVivarium is a non-profit that offers education programs, and hosts parties and events. The museum welcomes field trips from scouts, clubs, other groups, schools, and homeschoolers Wednesday through Friday 9:30 to noon.  Educational programs, special Ambassador Animal appearances, and birthday parties are offered both off-site and on-site.  



136 S Juniper St, Escondido, CA 92025 Tel. (760) 975-9690 Visit:


Mon - Tue
Wed - Fri


Adults: $10   Seniors & Military: $9    Children (3-17): $8

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