San Diego's Last Toy Store

The Magic of Toys is Alive @ Gepetto's

By Courtney Daly-Pavone November 16, 2018

Try to find a toy store in San Diego and you'll have your work cut out for you! Toys r Us is but a distant memory, and big box store toy departments lack the selection, personal touch, and shopping atmosphere that you crave when shopping for that special toy.  A package left on your doorstep also lacks appeal, and what about shopping for a surprise gift? You can get lost online in search of the perfect present. 

While small toy stores scattered around San Diego, the oldest toy store with the most locations is Gepetto's .  In many ways, Gepetto's is the last man standing. Store President Brian Miller revealed "Geppetto’s provides a warm and welcoming environment with a curated selection of toys— we do the research and selection for you  and have a knowledgeable staff to help. Along with complimentary gift wrapping every day!"

Toys Aren't Going Anywhere!

Many children will ask for smart phones and computers this holiday season, but Miller is quick to point out that toys are here to stay.  "Play is a child’s work so there will always be a place for hands on toys. As children grow, of course there can be a balance Between screen time and hands on more traditional playthings which have a critical place in social, emotional and educational development."

Hot Toys @ Gepetto's

What are kids asking for this year? According to Miller, "games are huge -from the youngest turn-taking and matching games to more strategy oriented games like Mysterium or Pandemic or Azul.  Novelty mystery items are also great stocking stuffers this year from LOL dolls to treasure x mystery toys. Harry Potter related toys are also really timely with games such as Harry Potter trivial pursuit to magic wands!Just to mention a few. We are excited about this year’s holiday offerings from the tried and true to the latest and greatest," said Miller. 

I always dreamed of owning a toy store as a child.  I envisioned each day to be filled with fun. My instincts were on point, talking to the owner of Gepetto's makes me long for the days of toy shopping with my dad staring at toys in shiny boxes just waiting to be purchased. Brian Miller clearly loves being in the toy biz. "We are excited about the future of Toys and it’s an honor to be part of children’s development for generations to come!" Yep, toys are definitely here to stay!

Geppetto's Toys 

-Gepetto's is San Diego's oldest toy store with ten locations.  It's newest location is in Coronado.
-It's first store was in Old Town, and it's still a great store to visit, and create a special memory for your child.
-Shopping locally also supports our local community with more dollars staying in San Diego!

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