Where to See Dinosaur Fossils in San Diego!

Mac Kid Talks to San Diego Natural History Museum Paleontologist Thomas A. Deméré, Ph.D.

By Courtney Daly-Pavone October 24, 2018

What is it about this generation and dinosaurs? Kids nowadays can name dinosaurs from A to Z, go on pretend digs for fossils, and are as just as excited about a trip to the San Diego Natural History Museum as a Paleontology major. Perhaps it's because dinosaurs are one of history's greatest mysteries, we're still unsure of their demise.  Was it an asteroid or climate change, or a combination of the two that led to their extinction?  I spoke with Thomas A. Deméré, Ph.D. Director of PaleoServices and Curator of Paleontology at the Nat about the dinosaur's comeback in 2018.

The Nat

#1 Start Your Dinosaur Trek @ San Diego Natural History Museum

According to Dr. Deméré there are several dinosaurs on display at the Nat. "We have a partial ankylosaur skeleton from Cretaceous age rocks of Carlsbad, and several hadrosaur fossil bones from Cretaceous-age rocks of Carlsbad and La Jolla California.  That's right dinosaurs were living in our zip codes.  

Dr. Deméré has worked as a professional paleontologist since 1974, and has written scientific articles covering the paleontological history of Southern California and the evolutionary history of marine mammals. Dr. Deméré states, "The oldest known marine mammals from San Diego County were found in Oceanside, 6-7 million year-old baleen whales and dolphin size toothed whales, bones of sea cow, bones of early seals and walruses." Dr. Deméré began his education as a Geology major, and recommends checking out the sea cliffs in Torrey Pines, La Jolla, Del Mar and Point Loma. "Sedimentary rocks making up the sea cliffs are always eroding you can’t collect them but you can observe them. "

Roynon Museum - Roynon Museum of Earth Sciences & Paleontology

#2 Visit this museum Dedicated to Paleontology and Earth Science with Thousands of Specimens! 

The Roynon Museum's Founder began collecting his first fossils as a young child growing up in Santa Cruz, CA. After earning his Bachelor of Science degree at Seattle Pacific University, and continuing his education in Geology at the University of Washington, he and his wife, Judy, relocated to Escondido, where he continued to expand this collection of fossils. Visit: East Grand Ave Suite 1-3 Escondido, CA 92025 CLASS / TOUR INFORMATION


#3 Just for Kicks visit this Roadside Attraction 

See Mr. Rex’s Dinosaur Adventure, a dinosaur exhibit featuring over 50 lifelike dinosaurs, a dinosaur dig, fossil panning, and access to climb inside Mr. Rex all the way up to his mouth!Tickets $13 for adults, $11 for kids. Visit: Location-50770 Seminole Drive, Cabazon, CA 92230

Does Your Kid Want to Become a Paleontologist? Here's What They Need to Know!

"You need to be good at math and science courses, chemistry, physics, and geology. Paleontology is a hybrid science that draws from both geological and the life sciences statistics," says Dr. Deméré. Also, you can add a dash of computer know know-how to your studies. "Computers and new tools and technology are letting new generations do more complex analysis of fossils than we could do before."

Mojo Fun

Children Learn through play, these realistic dinosaur figurines of Spinosaurus and Velociraptor take kids back a few hundred million years.  They are also spectacular for diorama projects!

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