Seaworld San Diego Cirque Electrique

Get Ready for The Ride of Your Life

By Courtney Daly-Pavone August 3, 2018

SeaWorld is always a fun place to spend the day, but have you been to the park at night?  For years we have gone to Seaworld and visited the aquariums, enjoyed the rides, and taken in world-class entertainment, but Cirque Electrique is in a class by itself.  Acrobats, stunt artists, and dancers perform on Mission Bay at night.  Their LED costumes glow in the dark as the dancers perform in sync, but the highlight of the show which is packed with entertainment from start to finish is seeing world flyboard champion Jake Orel soar to the top of the sky like a superhero.  You'll be mesmerized as he flies high atop the waters of Mission Bay.  

Another showstopper is USBA world freestyle jet ski champion Mark Gomez  who zooms and flips in the air on a jet ski.  Gomez, a watercraft athlete is an incredible talent like many performers in this unique show.  He clearly loves his job he can hardly contain his contentment which is visible even as he performs in the dark!

There's no shortage of amazement in Cirque Electrique.  It pushes the laws of physics and leaves you thinking about its stunts and feats days later.  Don't miss this show at Seaworld San Diego this summer!

SeaWorld is open year-round with varying operating hours and days. Check the schedule for the hours on a specific date.

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