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Websites That Are Educational & FREE!

By Courtney Daly-Pavone July 26, 2018

If you're like me, you come from a bygone era.  The age of walking to a library and using encyclopedias, dictionaries, index cards and microfiche, yes microfiche to complete your homework.  I explained to my seven-year-old that I used to use a typewriter when I was his age to write short stories.  "You've seen one?" He asked completely bewildered.  I might as well have just confessed to being the victim of an alien abduction.  Well thankfully we have advanced into the information age.  Here are some websites you and your children can both embrace since they are fun, educational, and most importantly FREE!

NOAA National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration

Marine science educational activities, games, and videos that keep kids intrigued, and engaged. 


Kid Scoop News San Diego

Puzzles, Mazes, History, Coloring Pages and more.  Kid Scoop News was created by a teacher is written for kids, and admired by parents. Don't let your child fall down the summer slide.  Let them learn in a fun way!


Science News for Students 

Great website for children ages ten and up.  Kids can find out information about everything from Catepillars Scaring the People of London, to What Narwhals Sound Like Underwater.



Is your child a budding scientist eager to make their own slime and volcano? ThoughtCo. has easy, fun experiments for children that won't turn your home into a hazardous waste site.


Bill Nye

I can still dream of afternoons watching Bill Nye and wishing he taught science at my school. Not to be left out of the digital age, Bill Nye has an educational website with video of past shows, explanations on everything from Life Science, Physical Science and Planetary Science. Bill! Bill!


How Stuff Works

This website is geared for Teens to adults and unlocks many scientific mysteries like Recording the Hum at the Bottom of the Sea and More! 


Missions of California Lesson Plans

Elementary school age children typically study the history of missions in California.  Be one step ahead and get a sneak peak on the official Missions in California website!


PBS Kids Online

PBS Kids offers great educational games featuring kids favorite characters.  Children can solve mysteries with Odd Squad, or paint with Curious George.


ABC Mouse is available at the vast majority of San Diego Public Libraries for FREE! Visit your local library for more information.

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