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Fashion Jewelry Adds Flair to Every Outfit

By Courtney Daly-Pavone May 16, 2018

Packing light was something I mastered BK Before Kid, now I schlep a multitude of luggage bursting at the seams. Vagabond is not a look I strive for, but relegate myself to when traveling to places with seasons, occasions that require a variety of outfits, and lest we forget my son's favorite toys.  

When I met my husband he would never make plans.  We would meet for a day in the park, but we would end up dining in a four-star restaurant, hardly the place for tennis shoes.  He would tell me I looked fine, but I would hide my feet under the table, and my face behind a menu.  I had to change my look, something that could transition from day to night, and Statement Jewelry provided the perfect transition, and could also easily fit in my purse. 

Statement jewelry is a great go-to when you want to dress up a bland outfit, accessorize a little black dress, or just look put together. 

Traveling with precious gemstones is another no-no, fashion jewelry is a great way to look like a million dollars without ending up the victim of a jewelry heist.  There are so many amazing fashion jewelry companies. I have been wearing these pieces non-stop from Chloe + Isabel.    

Petalette Collar Necklace- is made with semi-precious rose quartz and is surrounded by sparkling crystals and gold plating. The rose petal design is feminine and flattering. Retail $98

Petalette Drop Earrings- semi-precious rose quartz is surrounded by sparkling clear crystal and gold plating.  These earrings are truly versatile can be worn with a dress or jeans! Retail $41

Petalette Ring- semi-precious rose quartz is surrounded by clear crystal and gold plating. This ring is fun to wear, the perfect accessory when you want to feel regal. Retail $44

Minaret Hammered Tear Drop Earrings- turquoise is on-trend this season, but if you ask me this semi-precious stone never goes out of style. Reminiscent of the beach, you can almost hear the ocean wearing these baubles. Retail $36

Minaret Hammered 3 Row Convertible Necklace- is made with semi-precious turquoise, gray mother-of-pearl inlay, mint crystal shiny rhodium and is silver-plated Feel like a bohemian goddess with this unique layered necklace.  Each strand can be worn separately, or together. Retail $68


Starry Night Long Layered Necklace- semi-precious white druzy + clear crystal accents. Van Gogh's famed Starry Night painting was the inspiration for this layered necklace.  It reminds me of Cleopatra. Retail $108

Pack light, rock these looks in your own way with your own style! Visit

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