20 Cool Toys

Ages 0 to Teen From Educational to Open-Ended Play

By Courtney Daly-Pavone April 13, 2018

You know your child's favorite toys by name, you reach for it in a time of crisis when a favorite stuffed animal provides comfort and joy.  In the famous children's book "The Velveteen Rabbit," one toy tells the rabbit that when you are old and worn that's when you know you are really loved.  We all wish for such success when we purchase toys for our children.  You hope there is a connection between your child and the toy, and that it doesn't end up unused at the bottom of a toy trunk.  Buying for friends kids is more complex, "What would a ten-year-old child want?" "Do girls still play with dolls?"  This Cool Toy List has 20 Toys for ages 0 to Teen. We've got you covered!

Infant Toddler

Kidsource Mystic Rainmaker is a sensory toy that promotes learning in babies ages 6 months and up.  $18.64

Lanco Elephant Teether BPA Free, made from 100% natural rubber 6 months + $21.58

Aurora Gift My Lake House the perfect soft play toy for an infant and toddler hours of imaginative play. $28

Corolle Bebe Calin Mila Baby Doll is a super soft vanilla scented baby doll.  At twelve inches she is the perfect size for little hands Ages 18 months and up 

Retail $39.96

Corolle Baby Doll Carry Bed for Large Dolls 12 inches is quite the accessory ideal for doting doll moms Ages 18 months and up Retail $32.99

Toys Preschool-Kinder

LeapFrog Tad's Fridge Phonics my niece learned the alphabet with this fun interactive toy prooving learning can be fun! Ages 2-5 Retail $19.99

LeapFrog My First Learning Tablet is a great way for tactile children to learn plenty of buttons to push and light up.  Ages 1-3 Retail $17.99

Colorforms Holly Hobbie this classic toy promotes fine motor skills in children. Now featuring Holly Hobbie! Retail $9.99

ZZZ Bear SGT Sleeptight this military bear is more than a cute toy, he actually trains your child to sleep.  He comes with an Oath of Sleep, merit badges for a full nights rest, and a protection doorknob hanger.  You're never too old for SGT. Sleeptight! ZZZ Bears come in Navy, Coast Guard, Army and Marine Bear. Retail $29.95

Hasbro Baby Alive Sweet Spoonfuls Baby Doll- Baby Alive is back I had this doll way back in the day! Your child is sure to fall in love with this adorable doll that comes with food, pampers, and grooming supplies.  You can mix her food, feed her, and she even goes to the bathroom! Ages 3+ Retail $24.99

Disney Princess Magical Movers Mini-Playset Magic Carpet Ride your child will love to play pretend with this princess set.  Ages 4+ Retail $14.99

Toys Ages 6 to 8

Hasbro BeyBlade Burst Evolution Star Storm Battle- get ready for epic battles and lots of fun.  Kids love Beyblades they are extremely popular with kids 5+.  If you are looking for a toy that will occupy your kids time and keep them entertained look no further.  BeyBlade Burst Evolution Storm Battle comes with two BeyBlade Burst Launchers and Tops Retail $34.99

Build-A-Bear Promise Pets Daschund Can you say adorable? This plush is the next best thing to a real dog.  Retail $19.12

Crayola Washable Chalk Spiral Art- allows children to make elaborate designs using chalk stencils Retail $9.99

American Girl Doll of the Year 2018 Luciana Vega is an Astronaut your child can follow Luciana on her adventure to Mars! Doll and Book Retail $115

Spark Lab Invent a Motorized Robot is an educational toy that requires kids to use design, building, and problem solving to create a real robot. Retail $16.99

Aurora Gift Fancy Pals BFF Leopard no outfit is complete without a leopard! Retail $14

Toys 8+Teen

EZYRoller Drifter is a great way for kids to burn energy and have fun at the same time.  Kids move the EZyRoller by moving the front bars with their feet.  They master the curves.  This toy has been such a hit with my son and every kid in the neighborhood.  Ages 6+ Retail $119

Faber-Castell Paint By Number Museum Series The Scream- this paint set was not only fun, and educational, but it makes a lovely work of art! Retail $14.99

STMT Signature Scent is a perfume making kit for the glam scientist is your life. Retail $16.99