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Two Work-Outs That Help Parents Relieve Stress

By Courtney Daly-Pavone April 13, 2018

Has parenting gotten harder? 

Are we constantly on the go? 

Between blurry work hours that extend past five o'clock, driving kids to extracurricular classes, and helping with homework it may seem like there is no time to unload and decompress.  Parents are stressed out, just talk to anyone and they'll admit it. I spoke to some Health and Wellness Experts on the subject of relieving stress and here's what they had to say.  

Elka Haeckel, Head Yoga Teacher at Elka Yoga in Point Loma said, "I feel today, more than ever, we need to practice meditation. Yoga can  help people to unplug because you go back to the ground of your existence and you will  find some moments of peace that are so familiar to your soul which you  have been craving for a long time."

6 Positive Benefits of Yoga

Decreases Heart Rate

Improves Posture

Improves Flexibility & Strength

Improves Brain Function

Detoxifies The Body 

Helps with Digestion

We may carry iPhones, and use the drive-thru to get meals, but yoga which began in India 5,000 years ago is still relevant today.  Its principals and asanas are just as therapeutic.  Elka states, "Yoga awakes you for life in a very meaningful way. You start to appreciate everything you have and who you are. You learn how to accept life and ride the waves of life without resistance. You realize that all you can control is your own self and  instead of focusing on trying to fixing things or others that are outside of yourself, you start to dive within to the deepest core of your being." Elka adds "Yoga has also been associated with improving blood circulation and relieving depression, anxiety, and depression.

Tai Chi To Promote Overall Well-Being

Parents in search of peace of mind might consider Tai Chi.  I spoke to Master Henry Cheng of The Tai Chi Wellness Center on the advantages of this ancient practice.  According to Cheng, "Tai Chi lowers blood pressure and improves cholesterol levels, improves aerobic fitness, which increases the efficiency of the body's cardiovascular system in absorbing and transporting oxygen.  The entire body benefits including the mind." 

Mental clarity and calm are what we are all in search of, just watch any Tai Chi group in your neighborhood park and you will witness a wave of calm.  Participants young and old in unison following gradual movements with symmetry and precision.

Master Chen advises to watch out for instructors that teach Tai Chi for competition or exercise.  "These instructors are practicing external Tai Chi using a lot of tension and force in their movements, similar to other external martial arts such as Karate.  What to look for is an instructor that focuses on relaxation, peacefulness, overall well-being, and a master understanding of each movement being taught in relation to energy (Qi/Chi) and body mechanics."

There are benefits to practicing both Tai Chi and Yoga.  According to Elka, "Yoga will teach you how to become more aware of your feelings and emotions so you can act properly with compassion." The mind-body connection is real, it is something we can control through meditation and exercise, or spiral out of control by neglecting the time that we need as humans to recharge.

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