The Twin Chronicles

Elaine Nocito New Twins Mom Year in Review

By Courtney Daly-Pavone April 5, 2018

Jason and Elaine were the proud parents of Larissa, a lovely, vibrant five-year-old girl.  They were trying for baby number two when Elaine said she had raging hormones something she hadn't experienced before.  Despite a positive pregnancy test, her ultrasound was negative, but during a second visit to the doctor's office came welcome news.  "When the doctor came in with the results, I was already emotional because I knew this was it.  If I was pregnant this was the last baby we planned on having and if I wasn't, I couldn't go through another miscarriage.  When my Doctor came in and asked why I was crying, she said, "Elaine its wonderful news, there are two heartbeats!"  I couldn't believe it, and was in shock."

Elaine had a great pregnancy, no nausea, and she barely showed.  Her twin daughters came into the world happy and healthy, but the experience of having two at a time is one that is distinctively different, and she said she feels akin to other twin mothers. "Now when I see other twin moms, I tend to reach out and strike up a conversation and share stories, or ask questions on how they have managed to get through things."

Elaine's Tip for Twin Moms to Be- "Plan for a postpartum doula.  I worked with three of them and it was amazing.  As a new/second time around mama, you need time to rest up, even if you have family.  The doulas will give your family a chance to enjoy the babies too, instead of you doing all of the household chores that still need to get done.  They are worth their weight in gold."